Monday, 6 July 2015

Day 6: A Plastic Seventies Bathroom in turquoise.....yep we've all been there.

Well it's everyone's favourite time of the the month, yes that time of the month, and guess what involves a lot of plastic. *facepalm*
Just when you think your getting the hang of no plastic, BAM, suddenly you got a new thing to think about. 

So I headed over to Whole Foods as planned and got some some cotton based sanitary towels and tampons to trial. I have tried a moon cup before but it didn't agree with me, though don't let that stop you (ladies obvs) as they are incredibly eco friendly.

I have to say with Whole Foods, I was majorly disappointed with how much of their products are CASED in plastic, soo much. And their fruit seemed to be mainly from other countries, Braeburn apples from South Africa so no, but the oranges were from Spain which was a bit nearer so I went for them, they were freaking delicious.
Yes Whole Foods was a bit of an expensive disappointment but not totally.

Here's my haul, I picked up some degradable bin liners too and a razor with changeable heads made out of recycled yoghurt pots, who knew, right?!
I found floss which is cotton but only 20 strips for £3.99 super expensive.
The toothbrush has 2 changeable heads, so slightly less plastic used than a normal toothbrush though the handle is made with recycled natural fibres, super cool.
They didn't have any of the bamboo toothbrushes in stock.

But I have got my bathroom bits and shall look for cheaper alternatives when I find something I like.

I also got my shampoo bars from Lush and a bar of deodorant and some powdered toothpaste and toothy tabs ( I spent a small fortune or rather a fortune on small things)

I didn't know how the toothy tabs worked.
It said 'nibble one between meals' so I chucked one in my gob after lunch, yeah...don't do that......
the whole thing frothed up filling my mouth, tasting like a fragrant minty foam of bicarbonate.
It'll be great for brushing my teeth with, but it's not a mint sweetie, that was a shocker.

I also tried the rather scrathchy dry deodarant bar. I now have itchy under-arms (...tmi?)
Anyhoo, I know they have a creamier version so I'll try that one. I have just such sensitive pits.

Stay Clean, Fellow Battle Warriors of the Plastic Scourage!

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