Sunday, 12 July 2015

Day 12: Plastic Bag Bag

Morning All!

Thought I'd share with you, on this gloriously rainy Summers day, my reuse of plastic bag project.
I am making a plastic bag bag.

We've all got them....the never ending bag of bags where we don't throw away but store plastic bags that we end up with in the hope to reuse.

I now carry around a reusable cloth carrier, 3 actually. I kind of over-did it, but always feel smug when I whip them out at the counter.
"No plastic bag thank you I have my own *swish*"

Anyhoo, I have this stock of plastic bags and decided to combine my special powers and crochet the bags together.
"What?!" I hear you say "But How?!"

Firstly, I have to cut the bags into strips. I usually lose the handles cause they are incredibly tough to crochet. Perhaps I will think of a further use for them (any ideas?)
Next I roll the strips into coloured balls and store them in an old washing tablet container. 
That way I can pick colours I want to use as I go along.

Then I crochet. 
I have to say, it is very tough to crochet, kinda gives you hand cramp, though if I actually cut the strips a bit thinner this would not be an issue. 
I am aiming to make a large off the shoulder bag that will gain "ooo"'s and "ahh"'s and I will be able to spread the "Boo to Plastic" word.

Be encouraged world, what can you re-use your plastic for?

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