Friday, 3 July 2015

Day 3- A Plastic Habit

So Day 3 and it's hard.

I had a bad plastic day.

Much like any other addiction it's hard to break bad habits and that's why I'm gonna be honest and confess.
I lapsed into plastic today.

There are rituals and routines that we develop that help us get through tough days.

They are mostly there to just give us a touch of comfort.

One of my weaknesses is coffee shops.
I don't go for the coffee, ok sometimes I go for the coffee, but I go mainly to just get off the pavement out of the stream of people, put my feet up and observe the world whip by. It's a time out thing.
Often these coffee shops don't give you china but paper cups and plastic lids and a tiny plastic stopper (dumbest thing ever!) Today I succumbed...

So I have to stick to the ones that have ceramic options.

Continuing in my days rituals I bought food from the store I always buy food for the weekend.
I wanted bacon and bread and fish and I bought them in my exhausted overheated fuxx.
Epic plastic fail:

I need a new shopping plan.
There's nothing like a bit of failure to get you on the right path.
1. I need to find a bakers
2. I need to find a fishery monger thing
3. I need to go to the butchers.
Do these things still exist....

Dear reader be encouraged, it's not easy but it doesn't mean you should give up.
In the great words of the great Samuel Beckett just before he leaped
Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better.

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