Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 12 and a half: A Plastic Complaint

Just look at all the pointless plastic cutlery, it is quite disheartening.

They could use wooden utensils, that would be a step in the right direction.
And yes I didn't manage to refuse the plastic lid because they didn't hear me in time, poop.
I wonder if there is an alternative to a plastic lid....anyone want to invent a biodegradable one?
I am going to try to write some complaint emails to companies.
I shall share with you when I do and encourage you to do the same.

And here is the complaint I wrote:

"I enjoy your food and find the environment of your stores comfortable and welcoming.
This month I am trying to quit plastic because as I'm sure you are aware, plastic doesn't degrade.
It just goes into our oceans and back into our food chain whilst releasing toxins and killing of our oceanic life.

Will you consider using sustainable wooden utensils like your competitors LEON do?
I don't think their food or restaurants are better but I will go there because they are making a better effort at being environmentally aware.

I enjoy your coffee, especially when I get a well trained staff member but I don't want a plastic lid and I don't get an option unless I shout.

How would you feel to see the Brand floating amongst the litter in the sea?
Is that the legacy you wish to leave?

I hope you consider my opinion and make some changes.
Small changes can make a difference."

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