Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 1

So I've bitten off a big ol'challenge for the month.

The fabulous and fantastic Plastic Free July.

Right here I'm gonna log the plastic that crosses my path.
Now I doubt it'll be all the plastic because the stuff is everywhere so my goal is to become aware and reduce and find out about the plastics that are reusable.
It's a journey, join me!

So I started the day with my kit. 
Top Left: water bottle (alternative to bottled water), 
Top Right: Cutlery kit (alt for plastic spoons and forks), 
Bottom Left: Foldable shopping bag (alt 4 carrier bags) 
Bottom Right: My sandwiches in a reused carrier bag (reuse win)

Then whilst waiting for a meeting I heroically refused a lid on my coffee. NO I said NO
Then someone (Manda!) pointed out the cup is plastic coated, doh! 
She also suggested bring my own re-usable cup. I should see if they'll take it.
And some coffee places give you a coffee in a mug, so I'll be looking for them this month.

Wanted a cold drink but all the cold juice was sold in plastic cups, so I got this (expensive!!) glass bottle and then recycled it.

I didn't buy this but found it uber plasticy. Printer toner packaging.
The good thing is the old cartridge goes back in the packaging and is sent off for  re use.

My brain wave this morning for the Craftivists out there, a couple of ideas:
1. Make, out of old plastic, badges that say- No Plastic Please (like the baby on board badges) so when you're shopping you can point at the badge.

2. Make animals out of the plastic and send it to the HQ of the chain you bought it at, asking them to consider cutting down on their plastic use. (for example a plastic wrapper could be made into a butterfly)

3. Make a plastic crane for this campaign

4. Crochet/Knit reusable bags or bowls out of old plastic carrier bags.

Happy Minimal Plastic Use & Plastic Awareness Month!!
M.P.U.P.A.M! (catchy, right!?)

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