Sunday, 5 July 2015

Day 5: Plastic Mornings

As I brushed my teeth in the shower I looked at all the things I use in my morning routine...sigh...yep you guessed...all plastic...

So I been seeing tips and ideas for alternatives.

I'm going to pop to Lush tomorrow and try out these Toothy Tabs and grab some bars of shampoo.
Then I'm gonna head over to Whole Foods and see what tooth brushes they have.
Not sure what alternatives to floss there are.

Planning ahead is the only way forward.

I was discussing with a pal the challenge and came up with the analogy of the different belts in martial arts.
White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt, Purple Belt, Red Belt, Brown Belt then finally Black Belt.
I see eco living has these different stages.
Some people have been practising years and are right up there with the red, black, brown belts.
Some people are completely new to it and are just white and yellow.
But all belts represent people trying to learn a new skill and should be encouraged by all levels.
Those at the top should be supporting and encouraging those starting out, not criticising them or putting them down for not being as advanced.
Becoming eco especially if it's new to you is a big learning curve and needs support, cheers and fan waving.
Ideally we want everyone to be eco aware and living an eco lifestyle.

So as a yellow belt whose trying to get my orange belt, I say join me and start the journey.

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