Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 2- Symbols of Plastic, Know Your Enemy!

Day Two of the Great Plastic Mission.

I woke up thinking about recycling plastic and what the heck the symbols mean on the back of plastic packages. 

I believe correct me if I'm wrong but it means you can recycle them! 
IF your council recycles plastic, which is another thing to discuss with your local government.

Burt Bees Hand Cream
This recycle symbol says 50% inside it, what does that mean??
Quick Google search...nope..shall look further 

Boots EXPERT dry skin cream:
This does not have a recycle symbol to tell as about itself :(
That symbol it has with the two arrows means the company who made it invest/support in recycling but does not mean this is recyclable.

Tissues from Boots:
So this wrapper is made from Low Density Polyethylene which is no. 4 on your chart 
and Yeay! It's commonly recycled!
But not in the UK..Booooo!

Here's a fun chart to learn more AND a wiki page just to spoil you, don't say I don't give you anything!

So I have learnt avoid plastic without a recycle symbol cause it probably means you can't recycle it. Also avoid plastics 6 and 7 as they are very hard to recycle.

This was my plastic purchase of the day.
A sandwich wrapper.
I went for the canned drink because I can recycle it in my building and it's not plastic!

Keep Up the Good Fight Plasticateers!


  1. Unfortunately the Boots tissue packaging may get recycled in the States but not UK - see for info.

  2. Oo I did not know that.
    Thanks You for the Knowledge and the Link!
    Blog amended.
    Experience points gained.